Guitar Lessons

In addition to performing I love to teach guitar and I have extensive experience doing so. I received my Bachelors of Music with an emphasis in Guitar Education from Utah State University in 2014 and I am now a licensed teacher in the state of Utah. I have years of experience teaching both in group settings and in private lessons. I teach all styles of guitar including classical, country, funk, flamenco, punk, rock, metal and anything in between. I’m very personable and easy to work with for any age or ability level.

I teach at Murphy's Guitars in Bountiful, Utah. My standard rate for all guitar lessons is $120 per month and $240 for a month's worth of hour-long lessons.


For those interested, I also offer online lessons via Skype/Zoom/FaceTime. My rate is $60 per 60 minute lesson. Online courses are less hands-on but can still be a good option for those with tight schedules or live in remote areas.

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