A little bit about me:

I was born and raised in South Davis County, Utah in a family that pushed me to seek out what I cared about. My biggest passion in life is the arts.

I attended Utah State University in Logan, Utah, where I discovered that music allowed me to reach out to others and enrich lives. I received my Bachelors of Music with an emphasis in Guitar Education from USU in 2015. During my time as a student in Logan I was employed by the university to teach fellow students for credit, including music students and guitar majors.

Over the years I've been blessed to have worked with amazing musicians. I've had teachers who instilled a love of music, interesting sounds and ripping guitar solos. My education has come from renowned musicians Michael Dowdle, Mike Christiansen, and Corey Christiansen, all of whom have made a lasting impression on me as a player and a person.

I have performed in numerous bands, collaborated with various singer/songwriters and recorded on a number of studio albums. I'm currently performing with the Salt Lake City-based party band, The Current. I love being able to bring an edge to their music and I value my time spent with such brilliant musicians. I also play in other projects whenever I'm able.

In my free time I enjoy running, drawing and watching sports.

If you would like to know more about me or what I'm doing please contact me!